Asian Hall of Fame – Class of 2007

Olympic Gold Medalist, Short Track Speed Skating

Raised by a Japanese-American father, Apolo Anton Ohno was introduced to sport early to keep him occupied during the work day. An accomplished young swimmer and inline speed skater, Ohno soon focused on short track speedskating when he was admitted to the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center for full-time training.

In 1997, Ohno became the youngest U.S. national champion at 14 years old. He then moved to the
Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center to train with the senior level athletes, earning another national title in 1999 on his way to reigning as national champion every year from 2001 through 2009.

Ohno’s success continued at the Olympic level. A three-time Olympian (2002, 2006, and 2010) and eight-time Olympic Medalist, Ohno is the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympic of all time.

Since gaining recognition as the face of his sport, Ohno has branched out to new industries. He has worked as a motivational speaker and started his own nutritional supplement business called 8 Zone. He became a philanthropist, creating the Apolo Anton Ohno Foundation, supporting causes ranging from discouraging underage drinking, and fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, to funding children’s education programs and services for Japanese elders.

Ohno participated in and won the fourth season of the U.S. reality show Dancing with the Stars and returned for the fifteenth season featuring all star celebrities. Ohno later took on the role as the host of Minute to Win on Game Show Network and served as a commentator for NBC’s coverage of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.