Grants requests up to $10,000.00 will be accepted.

Foundation History

Robert Chinn founded United Savings and Loan in 1960, the first Asian-owned bank in the United States. The family established a foundation in 1986 to honor Robert Chinn and continue his work of helping local neighbors through its mission to improve the civic, educational, and cultural quality of life of the Asian Pacific Islander communities. The Asian Resource Center was built in 1994 to further this mission and provide a location in the community for cultural, athletic, civic, and educational programs. In 2004, the Asian Hall of Fame was established to honor achievement, inspire the next generation, and build the national community of Asian Pacific Americans. With the sale of the Asian Resource Center in 2014, the foundation transitioned to a grant-based philanthropic organization.

Foundation Priorities

The Robert Chinn Foundation Grant Program is established to promote and support programs of nonprofit organizations devoted to art, culture, health, and youth development. Requests for operating grants, capital campaigns, or to individuals will not be considered. The fund supports organizations nationally and looks favorably at programs which serve children and families, reach ethnically diverse communities, and have a broad impact.

The RCF Grant Program will consider program requests in the following areas:

Art, Culture, and Performing Arts: support programs that provide equitable access to diverse arts experiences.

Health: support programs that provide outreach, access, and education to Asian Pacific Islanders communities.

Youth Development: support athletics, mentoring, and leadership programs.

Foundation Timeline

Organizations may apply every two years.

The 2019 grant application will be available from June 7 to 28, 2019.

Application and Information