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The Mission of the Robert Chinn Foundation is to effectively support programs and initiatives that lead to the enhancement of the civic, economic, educational, and cultural quality of life in diverse communities.

The Robert Chinn Foundation was established in 1986 to honor Robert Chinn, the founder of the first Asian owned bank in the United States, United Savings and Loan Bank. The Foundation continues his work of helping the community through a Philanthropic Grant Program and the Asian Hall of Fame. The Foundation is led by Karen Wong, President and community board members.


For 30 years, the Robert Chinn Foundation has been providing resources, programs, and activities through partnership with non-profit organizations and the establishment of the Asian Resource Center in 1994.

The Center became a central location in the Chinatown International District for meetings, classes, community activities, athletics, and special events for over 20 years. With the sale of the Asian Resource Center in 2014, the Foundation established their Philanthropic Grant Program to support local and national non-profit organizations serving diverse communities in the areas of art, culture, health, and youth development. These grants will strengthen community programs, lead to an enhanced quality of life in the community, and continue Robert Chinn’s work in helping communities.